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Berlin/Germany, Week 34, 2014

This week I bought a book that I want to read in the light of one of my current projects “Powerful Teacher Learning: What the Theater Arts Teach about Collaboration”. But also yesterday my very dear long time friend has visited me in Berlin. She moved with her husband and children to Dubai, so we don’t see each other that regularly as we used to do. And it felt so good. So natural, so easy, so real. Not artificial and new and exciting. But balanced and to the point. And we talked the whole day through non-stop, both eager to inform and be informed about each other and our ongoing “projects”.

And today tired after my whole day of Course -with respect to a future project- and laying on the couch thinking of her and from her to my art. I suddenly thought: Could I compare my art for myself as a dear friend? What does indeed feel relaxed and comfortable in my art/experience? And what needs to be updated or checked or balanced? And I think that my experience as an artist working is that what makes it comfortable, I know no matter what, that “it” will be there. And last week I gave a presentation, and here I stated some of my successes, which give me good memories, good feelings and thus a sense of gratefulness. And in return gives me respect as an artist (hmm yes, it seems to work that way) and that again makes me realize that I do have (developed) skills. But then I want to and have to be informed, what is going on in my art and in the art in general? This is a ongoing process, this keeps it interesting. And new and fresh all the time.

Shereen and I talked also about other people we have met that came into our lives and are not anymore or people that re-appeared. During salsa a contemporary dancer came up to me and told me that she had read about me/my work online and that if I would look for someone for my videos she was game. This made me think about making videos again. Here I was completely in my comfort zone. I like/d doing videos together with people. Doing these mini-performances together and having the videos almost as memorabilia. Things that go smoothly, like a good friendship, are so nice. So why not go back to video? That was so easy. Why go for the hard/er projects? Yet then again, why not and-and? To keep it balanced, to the core and trustworthy, but also lively and open for new currents or new to be friends/art works?


Project [Self-portraits]
Shereen Tadros, during lunch:Dat ben jij, iedereen is gelijk voor jou. Hiërarchie bestaat bij jou niet. Je bent zo lief, hoe je doet tegen mensen, zelfs de obers enzo. Maar tegelijkertijd ben je ook pittig.”


Kim Engelen, [Sun-Penetrations] 23 July 2014, IMG_6205, Berlin/Germany


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  • Expo/Presentation:
  • Gallery BQ-Berlin, Richard Wright: Nine Chains to the Moon, 
    Alexandra Bircken: B.U.F.F., website»
  • Galerie Nagel Draxler, Anna Fasshauer: New Works, website»
  • Course
  • .garage GmbH, Berlin
  • Meeting No. 4 “Communistic Curating”

Berlin/Germany, Week 33, 2014

Dieter Daniels in a presentation about Mail Art In The GDR, makes a distinguish between the artist and the artist “normal civil life”. These are of course not new words. In fact they have become so “normal” that one does not really notice them. But how is this so? What is a normal life for an artist? Do you have a normal life when you have a job for which you get paid? Or is it normal because you perhaps have a job (or not) and/or you are having a more understandable life pattern or more understandable work in itself? Or when you have a second job (that gets paid) next to your work as an artist (perhaps not really paid). I do feel that here in Germany artists are taken more serious. Even people who are telling me, there is too much competition here, why are you coming here? Etc. etc. I feel that artists are viewed perhaps as making an important contribution to society. Or are at least acknowledged as artists and have thought about their precarious situation. And also apparently not just everybody can call him/herself artist. Here in Berlin I found out that there is a Social Security Benefits Office for Artists (Künstlersozialkasse or KSK.) Artists have to provide all kind of proof that their profession is artist. But then once you are in this KSK… In Germany “normal” people pay > € 300 - per month for Health Insurance. Artists only pay > € 74 - per month. (Depending on their income). Interestingly you still have to earn at least € 3900 per year to be able to subscribe into this system. So still even in this wonderful social security possibility for artists there is the money issue. Understandably yes, because depending what you earn they calculate what you pay.


Project [Self-portraits]
Astier Goytom, during diner: “Du passt sehr gut auf dir selber auf.” […] “Naja du ernährst dich gut.”


Kim Engelen, [Sun-Penetrations] 9 Aug 2014, IMG_6273, Berlin/Germany


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  • Course
  • .garage GmbH, Berlin
  • Meeting No. 3 “Communistic Curating”

Berlin/Germany, Week 32, 2014

Kim Engelen

Master of Fine Arts and

International Cultural Entrepreneur

Kim Engelen has attained an international career as visual artist and cultural entrepreneur for over 15 years.  She has studied in the Netherlands, the US and Sweden. In 1999, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in the Netherlands. And in 2013 Engelen achieved a Master of Fine Arts from the Critical and Pedagogical Studies at the Malmö Art Academy/Lund University in Sweden.

Engelen has been celebrating many successes: inter/national exhibitions and screenings, receiving worthy references, sponsoring, funding and awards, such as The Short Rotterdam Award: an economic prize of 40.000 € to create her short film “Women” on 35mm film for the International Film Festival in Rotterdam.  Next to having several TV appearances and (radio) interviews, she launched numerous festivals and performances.

Kim Engelen received recognition for her experience and skills, which resulted in her appointed role as the Head Lecturer and Film Coordinator at the Film Department of SAE Institute, teaching jobs in the Netherlands and Germany. And several video related commissions for clients such as the Municipality of Rotterdam.

She attended artist residencies in Belgium, Germany and Spain. Living and working in the Netherlands, Spain, USA and Sweden. Engelen choose Germany as 5th country in which she wishes to continue to work. One of her upcoming projects is “Communistic Curating”, which is is a group exhibition for the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.


Project [Self-portraits]
Han Goan Lim: “MOOI, KIM, Goed dat je in Berlijn blijft. Ik denk dat er daar op dit moment meer mogelijkheden en kansen zijn dan hier. Hou vol  en heel veel succes met je werk (en natuurlijk ook geluk in de liefde). Het gaat helemaal goed komen met jou. We houden contact ! Hartelijke groeten en liefs. Han Goan Lim”


COURSE, Berlin/Germany


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  • Course
  • .garage GmbH, Berlin
  • Meeting No. 2 “Communistic Curating”

Berlin/Germany, Week 31, 2014

Rethinking my resume. On my website at the moment is still the “regular” artist CV form online. So I need a bit more time. But here is my first attempt (without font-styling):

Kim Engelen (Netherlands, 1973)

Master of Fine Arts, Critical and Pedagogical Studies
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Studio Practice

Agent Walter de Winter I +49 (0) 176 569 45015 I  I +49 (0) 152 120 47972

Visual artist & cultural entrepreneur

Malmö/Sweden, Lund University, Malmö Art Academy, Critical and Pedagogical Studies,
Master of Fine Arts, 2011-2013
San Francisco/USA, California College of the Arts,
Master of Fine Arts, Aug-Dec 2010-2010 
Den Bosch/Netherlands, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, AKV | St.Joost,
Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1994-1999

Scholarships/Artist in residencies:
Kassel/Germany, dOCUMENTA 13, Jun-Sept 2013
Rotterdam/Netherlands, Foundation Duende, Jul-Aug 2011
Rotterdam/Netherlands, AGORA, Culture entrepreneurship, 2011
Delft/Netherlands, Foundation id11, Het Tijdelijk Verblijf, Dec 21-28 2009
Barcelona/Spain, Hangar, Sept-Oct, 2009
Amsterdam/Netherlands, Montevideo/Time Based Arts, The Netherlands Media Art Institute, ‘Territorial In/-/formation’, Linda Hilfing, 2009
Antwerp/Belgium, Sint Lucas, ‘Borderlines and their Disappearance’, Feb 16-21 2009
Rotterdam/Netherlands, Coolpoliticscinema with Eddy Terstall, 2008
Utrecht/Netherlands, Filmfestival Utrecht, Re:visie, ‘SuperPowerPointCinema’ with Mieke Gerritzen, Koert van Mensvoort Sept 29-Oct 2 2008
Rotterdam/Netherlands, Rotterdam Film Fund, € 40.000 to create short film “Women”
on 35mm, 2007 
Eindhoven/Netherlands, The Factory, Sept 1999

Rotterdam Film Fund, Rotterdam Shorts, 2007
SLOR, Foundation Local Broadcasting Rotterdam, 2006
Artists and Cultural Entrepreneurship, Cultuur-Ondernemen, 2002
Foundation Marguérite, 2001
Red Bull creativity Contest, 2001
SSK, Fund for Artists, Supporting Policies, 2001
Foundation A.M.V.J. Gebouw, 2000
Foundation Neeltje Buis, 2000
Foundation Bekker-La Bastide Fonds, 2000
SSK, Fund for Artists Flanking Policies, 2000
Lucas prize, individual works, 1999
Forbo Project Tapijt Stipend, 1999
SSK, Fund for Artists, Supporting Policies, 1999

International Experience:
Globally numerous exhibitions, screenings, performances and art related commissions
Various catalogs, press attention and TV appearances

Club Memberships:
Deutschen Künstlerbund e.V.
BBK Berlin (Berufsverband Bildender Künstler Berlins e.V

Cydney Payton, Executive Director & Chief Curator BMoCA 1990 – 2000 I Executive Director & Chief Curator MCA Denver 2001 – 2008 I Curator and Writer 2014
Goan Han Lim, Independent Museums and Institutions Professional I Creative Director Artpark 2014
Maj Hasager, Program Director of Critical & Pedagogical Studies, Malmö Art Academy, 2011-2014

For full Curriculum Vitae please visit:


Project [Self-portraits]
Henri Hartman: “Wieso bist du nicht in San Francisco geblieben, dort ist das Kunstklima mehr angenehm und warm. Wieso mit so ein Lebenslauf bist du nach Berlin gekommen?


Kim Engelen, [Self-Portraits], 22 July, KEEP ON MOVING, MY LEGS IN THE SUBWAY, Berlin/Germany


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  • Expo/Presentation
  • Uqbar, Eva Kietzmann, Petra Kübert: Living ressorts, Presentation: Project Space Festival
  • Course
  • .garage GmbH, Berlin
  • Meeting “Communistic Curating”

Berlin/Germany, Week 30, 2014

Lovingly received the 2 catalogs from Ineke Bakker.
Catalog 1: The One minutes on tour in Shanghai (page 14), Curator Ineke Bakker.
Catalog 2: Modern Times, Cinema Zuid, Episode 6, Number One (page 19), art critic/curator Sacha Bronwasser.

Although I am respectful about the chosen topic “Number One” and great full that the curator/s found my footage in the archive. I do feel a bit misunderstood in my concept after reading the introduction text in the catalog from curator/art critic Sacha Bronwasser. Text fragment: "The hunt for fame has become pretty jaded.”

Behind my video, which is a registration of a planned action/performance, is the feeling of daring to be yourself. Not because of the desire to be different, or to be famous. But from the stand point of being authentic. And when you are yourself (authentic) you can stand in your strength. The video is filmed in multicultural Rotterdam.

The stickers that where put on arbitrary passers-by where produced as a positive reformulation (or counter-energy) with in mind the negative notes I remembered that where pinned on the back of (some) kids in high school. With texts as “kick me” or “I am stupid”. With the unfortunate kid for a while unknowingly walking around with that note on their back. On the green stickers I had printed in red letters the message “I am great”. It is not a paper-note but a sticker (which will thus stick hopefully better (physically as well psychologically regarding the message). So it comes from something negative or at least difficult (daring to be yourself in a world where being the same is more safe) and is openly positive. Not putting the note on the back but putting the sticker visibly for the person on them.

So it is in a way interesting that this video from 2003 is chosen/appropriated in a compilation for a registration (or possibly critique) to the fame culture. Which then is a little bit difficult for me to bear as an artist with a sincere action. Since my video from 11 years ago is perhaps a tiny bit misunderstood (in the best case scenario) and then placed in a compilation of an account of present-day competitive mass culture, with its collective desire of wanting to be number one.

Reading back my own text from 2003 (which is still on my website). I still stand behind it: “There are many people, who are quite competent and/or very interesting, but they don’t feel themselves that great. With this action I wanted to make people think good about themselves and that they at least to themselves dare to say: “I am Great”.


Project [Self-portraits]
Petra Runggaldier as reaction to my mindmap: “Du sprichst mehrere Sprachen, du hast gelebt in mehrere Ländern. Also du kannst dich anpassen indessen doch in deine eigene Kraft stehen. Also an dir selber treu bleiben. Du hast deine Vision als Kraftgeber um immer auf zurück zu greifen. Schön dabei ist das spirituale als Basis wenn alles falsch geht. Auch wenn Zielen nicht gelingen ist da ein Pfeil in deine Dartscheibe “Abenteuer”. Also eigentlich gewinnst du immer weil dieses Ziel ist dann trotzdem erreicht. Deine Kunst ist sicher und auch etwas um auf zurück zu greifen.“


imageKim Engelen, [Sun-Penetrations] 16 July 2014, IMG_6178, Berlin/Germany/Netherlands


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  • Course
  • .garage GmbH, Berlin

Berlin/Germany, Week 29, 2014

Thank you Rotterdam. It was not easy to leave you. And I will always keep a warm hart for you. Dearest biggest harbor city of Europe and second largest city of the Netherlands. With the fabulous and powerful saying “Geen woorden naar daden.” (No words but deeds). I learned and gained a lot from and through you. Thanks to you I won “Short Rotterdam” an economic award of almost € 40.000 to create my short film “Woman” on 35mm. You are the city where I had my my biggest commission up until now. And where I worked as the coordinator for the Film Department at SAE (School of Audio Engineering with about 49 schools all over the world). Where I had an artist in residency at Duende just before it had to close down and I had no place to go to when I came back from Spain. It was good meeting great artists working and living in Rotterdam, such as my “coach” from that time period Goan Han Lim. Where I had some of my finest performances such as “The Life of Jogger” through the streets of the city, the wonderful group performance “Words don’t come easy” at Theaterwerkplaats Werklicht and at Le Sud the performance “P.I.T.”. Radio and TV appearances, Figuranten-festival, exhibitions such as at Art Park (Art Embassy) and where I had many many screenings such as at The International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR), Sub Urban Video Lounge, Blaak010, Festival Wereld van Witte de With, Dek22, Centre for Fine Arts (CBK), Locus010, City TV Television, Filmtheatre OffCorso, during Rotterdam Cultural Capital City of Europe, Ministry of Dance.

Rotterdam “Gateway to Europe”, you where my springboard to go out and live in 4 other countries besides the Netherlands and doing artist in residencies abroad and starting 2 Masters of Fine Arts: one at the California College of the Arts (CCA) in the US and one in Sweden (which I finished). Berlin will be much more easy now. I thank you a lot and will miss you.


Project [Self-portraits]
Via email, Ineke Bakker: “hoi Kim Hoe is het toch met jou?? Leuk dat ik steeds je naam weer tegenkom:) mag ik je adres misschien even checken want ik wil graag de catalogus van Shanghai + Cinemazuid op de post doen. Kim Engelen - Finsestraat 34 a - 3028 SK Rotterdam - Netherlands - klopt dit nog? veel groetjes van Ineke”



Kim Engelen, [Sun-Penetrations] 13 July 2014, IMG_6136, Rotterdam/Netherlands


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  • Expo/Presentation:
  • Alexander Janetzko: Sugar & Zint, Fenster61, Berlin
  • Michael Vorfeld / Boris & Yumiko Hegenbart, Errant Bodies / project space, Berlin

Rotterdam & Delft & Maasbracht/Netherlands, Berlin/Germany, week 27/28, 2014

Small adjustment to my footnotes. Normally I would place the creator of the work first, then the name of the video or person who it was about and then the year of creation. Now I start with the name of the person who is depicted, then the creator of the video with its date. This to have the person who I was searching for first. And then the creator of the video plus the date of creation at the end.
Previous way: Magrada Proyectos, Antoni Gaudí: The Days of Creation, 2013
New: Antoni Gaudí: The Days of Creation, Magrada Proyectos, 2013


Project [Self-portraits]
Pap: "Compliment hoe je eruit ziet. Vraag maar aan mam. Want je hebt toch beulewerk verricht."



Kim Engelen, [Self-Portraits], 14 July, REACHING OUT, Rotterdam/Netherlands


  • Exhibitions/Screenings/Performances:
  • The One Minutes on Tour Shanghai, series Number one (for Cinema Zuid) June 11-July 13, 2014, view flyer»
  • Read:
  • The Book of A Thousand Nights and a Night, Anonymous, (8th −13th centuries), translated by Richard Francis Burton (1821-1890), Volume 1, read online»
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  • Mike van Diem, Karakter, 1997

Rotterdam & Maasbracht/Netherlands, Week 26, 2014

[Communistic Curating]
This week step B of my emigration to Berlin: back in the Netherlands to move out from my Rotterdam apartment. Which means I can’t be much behind the computer right now, but I did send out an invitation to 8 contemporary professional working artists to do a group-exhibition on 9 November 2014 (The 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall).

The group show’ working title is “Communistic Curating”. It is an experiment to see if it is possible to do a group-exhibition in the Friedrichstraße/near Check Point Charley with an accompanying catalog, press attention and a large amount of visitors. With the idea that this will be a valuable show for all the artists who participate. All participants are invited to join weekly sessions where we will discus all the facets of the exhibition (and everything around it). But the most particular element probably is, that it is an invitation to also share financially. So if one artist sells work, this will be divided under all the participants. So everybody will gain from the sale/s, also the ones who don’t sell any work. This with the underlying idealistic idea All for one and one for all.”


Project [Self-Portraits]
Via email, Paolo Salvagione : “Bravo! Well written and insightful. Reading your thesis left me wanting to read more about your three models. Smiling, Paolo”



Kim Engelen, [Self-Portraits], 1 Dec 2012, SENSING BERLIN, Berlin/Germany


  • Exhibitions/Screenings/Performances:
  • The One Minutes on Tour Shanghai, series Number one (for Cinema Zuid) June 11-July 13, 2014, view flyer»
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Berlin/Germany->Maasbracht/Netherlands, Week 25, 2014

Last night when I could not sleep again I was flipping through a photo-book by Lee Friedlander. Earlier that week I was saying to my good friend Walter: That I don’t copy when it comes to my art/works. So no leg-gun photo this week (blink-eye). But I don’t mind copying good ways in how to present my work. Since a while I want to get my works presented into a book. And I have been making books in my almost 15 years of working as an artist. But this time I want a ‘serious’ one, one that is not an artwork in itself or experimental, nor handy crafted or copied or semi-printed. And now I think this is to be accomplished much more simpler then I thought. Just copy. So I asked my friend to check up how much a professional artist-book in a small edition of 25 copes would cost.


Project [Self-portraits]
Gregor, Club Havana: “Wo komst du her? […] Zuerst habe ich es nicht gehört das du kein Deutsche bist. Aber du hast ein ganz kleines accent sehr sexy. Alle niederlandische Frauen sind sexy.”


Kim Engelen, [Self-Portraits], 30 Jan 2013, MY LEFT HAND IN COPENHAGEN, Copenhagen/Denmark


  • Exhibitions/Screenings/Performances:
  • The One Minutes on Tour Shanghai, series Number one (for Cinema Zuid) June 11-July 13, 2014, view flyer»
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Berlin/Germany, Week 24, 2014

When I couldn’t sleep last night I wrote this down on a paper next to my bed. Blog: weekly thoughts and new works in progress.

There are several elements of my work that I have chosen to post here. And I do this for you but also for myself. This to show what I am doing as an artist and to show a part of my working process. For me it is also a way to keep track and to find back what I have done and to reflect (evaluating/archiving). And as my credo still is; “Keep on moving” (it is to me also a stimulation to create new work).


Project [Self-portraits]
Via Facebook: Michal Kowalczykiewicz “Ambitious Girl!  Try zouk!”


imageKim Engelen, [Self-Portraits], 20 November 2012, I LIKE TO MOVE/MY BODY, Malmö/Sweden


  • Exhibitions/Screenings/Performances:
  • The One Minutes on Tour Shanghai, series Number one (for Cinema Zuid) June 11-July 13, 2014, view flyer»
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Berlin/Germany, Week 23, 2014

What would I like to incorporate in my language? What is important to me?
I saw this profile documentary on Carlo Scarpa and he talks about bricks that reminded him of something when he was 14. Somehow this touched me. In my work [Sun-Penetrations] the elements that are important to me are actually not visible, such as; people, communication and self-development. But perhaps the real source of this is visible…the source where life and incentives comes from. Which is sunlight?


Project [Self-portraits]
Via email: Maria Tomasula “Dear Ms.Engelen,
Thank you very much for your proposal submission to this year’s SLSA Conference art exhibition.  The work you make is just terrific and we loved looking at all of it.  Unfortunately though, the large number of submissions and the very limited gallery space we have available conspired to prevent us from accepting all the work we would have liked to exhibit.  We’re sorry to say we won’t be showing any of your wonderful [Bridges] Series for the SLSA show, but will keep your submission on file at Notre Dame for possible future exhibitions in the ISIS Gallery.”


imageKim Engelen, [Sun-Penetrations] 13 March 2014, DSC00120, Berlin/Germany


  • Exhibitions/Screenings/Performances:
  • The One Minutes on Tour Shanghai, series Number one (for Cinema Zuid) June 11-July 13, 2014, view flyer»
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Berlin/Germany, Week 22, 2014

As last week I am still thinking about this particular online space that I am using to show this what you see now. And this week I am thinking of the importance of this.

Purposefully I am watching, reading and hearing things I find (mostly) on the internet. (See below “Footnotes;”). And some things that I encounter stick more then other things. Things that stick are presumably the things that I find more interesting for one reason or the other. Perhaps the things that stick are the things that fit more with my idea of life in general, my work or they stand out to me because of timing in regards to current thought-flows or specific contexts. Which does not necessarily have to fit into the same context as the original source.

For example Socrates’ famous line which I heard/read again this week: "The unexamined life is not worth living." So firstly I am probably open to his philosophy in general. But then more in detail and specifically this sentence sticks. And while I am reflecting on this space where I am presenting my ‘things’ online. Fusing or combining these I am thinking that perhaps the artist’s process or work or even part of life unpublished in the age of online platforms is….also not worth of existence? So perhaps this particular online space is not an exhibition space per se, but or also a place or space or platform where the art or in this case my art can be examined? And closing with another line that stuck, from Renato Anelli: "Art must be in the everyday life." Intuitively these statements sat well with me, well before I thought about why they fit well with me.


Project [Self-portraits]
Frans Huisman via email: “Zag dat je op veel plaatsen over de hele wereld leuke dingen doet. Klinkt als leven.”


Kim Engelen, [Self-Portraits], 23 MAY 2014, FOUND MONEY ON THE STREET AROUND 3AM, no.2, Berlin/Germany


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  • Expo/Presentation:
  • KOW Berlin, Chris Martin: Cool Drink on a Hot Day, website gallery»
  • Atelier Sam Grigorian, website artist»
  • Neue Schule für Fotografie, Perspektieven - Patrik Budenz, Jakob Wierzba, Tobias Wirth, website»

Berlin/Germany, Week 21, 2014

Since this blog-space is different then for example the “off-line” gallery space it has some pluses such as the internet connection part of it. So time or distance somehow also has a different meaning. With the help of links people could easily click to another work/space/information or whatever available on the web. And also dive back into what has done before or previous works. The minuses are there as well. But I would like to see it as a more liberating and freeing way to show my work. This space is free. Also while sharing I don’t have to be social, I don’t have to share the actual space and I don’t have to fit into a context. And from week to week I can do something different.


Project [Self-portraits]
Via email, Goan Han Lim: “Ik vind het knap van je dat je zo lang in het buitenland kan blijven (hoe je dat voor elkaar krijgt … ).”



Kim Engelen, [Self-Portraits], 23 MAY 2014, FOUND MONEY ON THE STREET AROUND 3AM, no.1, Berlin/Germany



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  • Expo/Presentation:
  • Gallery Kimmerich, Margherita Manzelli: La casa delle farfalle, website»
  • Gallery BQ-Berlin, Richard Wright: Nine Chains to the Moon, 
    Alexandra Bircken: B.U.F.F., website»
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  • Galerie Nagel Draxler, Dominik Sittig: Der ausdrückliche Horizont, website»

Berlin/Germany, Week 20, 2014

This blog space online is evidently also a space. So this week I was thinking about “how” to present my work/ing process in this particular space. And for now I just make a few shifts in the elements that I choose to present here.

First/top: this week-text. This part stays where it was.
Second: visuals of my work. Currently the 3 most active projects are [Bridges], [Sun-Penetrations] and [Self-Portraits]*)
*[Self-Portraits] will be there every week. In the form of a Block Quote, which is the (external) received remark. This I will place above the photograph.

Also I have chosen to change the header Week-input into Footnotes. Since I moved them to the bottom and since I see those things as part of me en my work development and lastly since they are moved now to the bottom somehow I find that fitting.


Project [Self-portraits]
Soda Club, Simon: “Du bist ein sehr schnelle Lerner und last dich gut führen.”



Kim Engelen, [Sun-Penetrations] 29 April 2014, IMG_5534, Berlin/Germany


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Amsterdam & The Hague & Rotterdam & Delft & Wessem & Maasbracht/Netherlands, Week 19, 2014

And again a reaction to one of the question of my “friends”.

"…why you allways talking about you? I have to look on your Dekolleté and the random light on your skin? MOVE! I don´t understand the Idea of your project. You are not giving anything exept an idea of your problem as a person always looking in a mirror.
(Sorry for my bad englishhhhh)

In my [Self-Portraits] series I don’t filter out any remarks or exclamations I receive. Positive or negative, I copy them the way I receive them and as good as I can or remember (in case I receive them ‘off-line’). Correct or incorrect (to my taste) I put them into my [Self-Portraits] where they become part of my [Self-Portraits]. After a while it is quit possible that some names of people pop up more frequent then others. Because of this one might think that these people are more close to me, but in fact in our digital era and since I post all my new work (up until now) online, it could also mean that these people are somehow following me and/or my work. Still these received statements form part of my [Self-Portraits].

I can not really help it if (a lot of) the remarks I receive are sexist in a way or critical or sincere or whatever. This is what I pick-up as a female living and as an artist working (currently) in Berlin. Unintentionally this might provoke or stir up some conversation because I show these. But I am just showing what I receive, and as I said I don’t alter or add or edit out messages.

Yes, I could change my appearance or I could of course alter or edit out some of my ‘scenes’ and then the remarks I receive could be different. But then would it still be (from my side) an open and sincere self-portrait? For example here in Berlin I go out in the salsa/bachata/kizomba scene and there are 3 not uncommon questions I receive while dancing: Where are you from?, How old are you?, What is your phone number? With slight variations, such as or Where do you live?, Do you have a boyfriend, Do you have a husband? One could perceive this as: either flattering or sexist, LGBT-unaware, superficial, age-discriminative or such. Nevertheless this should the viewer find out for themselves. Since I only show/write down the remarks I receive. And only the ones which are a more specific reaction to me/my presence/my movements or whatever. Either sincere or not of course. I don’t discriminate in that sense.
This is what I get and what I give or return in the form of my [Self-Portraits].

This might make some (unaware) men more aware what the female sex has to endure. I write endure because the male gaze could make/makes certain females quit aware of their appearance or worse.
So yes I probably can steer a lot. But the viewer comes in with his/her own background when looking at my work [Self-Portraits].




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